Real Estate Agents

Just like a first impression, a smooth closing leaves a lasting impact on your clients. While you, the real estate agent, set the stage with your expertise, TOAD 8 Notaries ensures a flawless finale. Our efficient and professional signing experience strengthens your client relationships, fostering trust and encouraging repeat business that hops into the future.

Streamline Your Closings: Partner with TOAD 8 Notaries

By offering a streamlined and efficient signing process with a trusted notary service, real estate agents can enhance their client’s experience. This demonstrates professionalism and reduces potential stress for clients during the closing process.

Create your closing dream team

Do one of the following to ensure a TOAD 8 Notary handles your closings:

  • Add TOAD 8 Notaries to Addendum 34.
  • Inform your title officer that you prefer to use TOAD 8 Notaries for your signings.

Remember, the law guarantees your right to select any notary service that meets your needs. Don’t hesitate to advocate for yourself and choose the partner that best complements your business.

Ready to transform your closings? 

Contact TOAD 8 Notaries today and let’s discuss a partnership that hops to the top!

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