About us

Notary Signing Agents are the frontline service providers in any real estate closing transactions. It is crucial that they leave a positive, final impression when finalizing important closing documents. Jennifer and Nicki have been working directly with title companies for the past six years and have learned the process from agent to notary is flawed at the Signing Service level. It has become their mission to change how the notary is viewed in the closing process.

TOAD8 provides 360° support whether you're an independent notary looking for consistent work, or a Real Estate professional looking for reliable talent to ensure successful closings.

For Our Real Estate Clients:

Everyone wants an organic referral. Knowing and trusting your team = organic referrals. TOAD 8 operates as the bridge between you and the top-tier talent you need. We hand select the best Notaries to support real estate needs across the board when it comes to closings and essential documents that make deals happen.

Notaries are vetted by our team to ensure any service provided is reliable and can accommodate the nuances of real estate documentation needs during a closing. We provide value beyond just a basic scheduling service. By offering 360° of communication support from start to finish, you can focus on the closing & eliminate the need for additional service providers such as schedulers and signing services: Signing Services have taught the industry that notaries aren’t important, just a tool. Taking a large fee and promoting cheap service. The Notary Signing Agent is the person who is entrusted with a very important part of the closing and is the last person your clients meet, leaving the lasting impression for your future business.

For Our Team of Notaries:

Notaries are a valuable and essential member of the transaction team. Representing the team through Face-to-Face interaction with the clients. We facilitate business relationships with real estate brokers, lenders, and escrow companies on your behalf. TOAD 8 provides a safe and secure team environment for independent notaries by ensuring fair compensation and 24/7 business support. Building a strong culture with clear and personable communication. We build the bridge of communication between the client and the whole closing team (agents, lenders, closers & notary).

Disclaimer: TOAD 8 Notaries & Services LLC hereby known as TOAD 8 is an independent service provider that may collect fees on behalf of the independent contractors. Refunds and disputes must be made with the contractor. TOAD 8 recommends contacting an attorney for any legal advice. Privacy & Cookies Policy