About Us

The Toadally Awesome Team at TOAD 8 Notaries

About Us

At TOAD 8 Notaries, we’re not your average notary service. We’re a team of passionate professionals led by the dynamic duo of Jenn and Nicki – experts who bring a powerful combination of experience and dedication to all your notary needs. While our name might be a bit quirky (and let’s be honest, totally toad-ally awesome!), we take immense pride in providing Trustworthy (T), Organized (O), Adaptive (A), and Dependable (D) notary services.

Meet Jenn and Nicki:

Jenn: A true notary veteran with a remarkable 30+ years of experience, Jenn is the heart and soul of TOAD 8 Notaries. Her meticulous eye for detail and deep understanding of legal documents ensure every notarization is handled accurately and efficiently. But Jenn’s value extends far beyond paperwork. Her friendly demeanor puts clients at ease during the signing process, and her problem-solving skills ensure unexpected issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. As our Remote Online Notary (RON), Jenn is also certified to handle electronic notarizations, offering maximum flexibility for your needs.
In short, Jenn is a trusted advisor and the cornerstone of TOAD 8 Notaries, ensuring every notary need is handled with expertise and care.

Nicki: Just like Jenn, Nicki is a pillar of organization at TOAD 8 Notaries. Nicki’s dedication to efficiency keeps our operations running smoothly, ensuring every client interaction is seamless. But Nicki’s talents extend beyond the back office. She’s our client champion, building strong relationships and ensuring their experience is exceptional. As the business development guru, Nicki constantly seeks new partnerships and opportunities, making sure TOAD 8 Notaries continues to grow and serve the community. With her clear communication skills and friendly demeanor, Nicki puts everyone she meets at ease.
In short, Nicki is the face of TOAD 8 Notaries, building relationships, acquiring new business, and ensuring every client feels valued and supported.

The story behind the TOAD 8 name:

Jennifer’s late father, the 1st Airman in TOAD Hall (Totally Overworked Analysis Degenerates) at the Air Force Operational Testing Center at Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque NM. He was 8th TOAD tasked to bring wireless internet to the military, making a major impact in the future of the US Military.

My father loved his job, his career. It wasn’t until I became a Notary Signing Agent that I understood how you can enjoy a job. He also taught me that it takes a team, even if you work alone. It just seemed apropos to name my business after him.“- Jennifer Babb, Managing Member

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