Mobile Notary

A mobile notary, also known as a traveling notary, is a notary public who is commissioned by the state to perform notarizations but travels to the client’s location instead of having the client come to a designated office.

Here are some situations where a mobile notary
might be helpful

  • Real estate closings: When multiple parties need to sign closing documents, a mobile notary can travel to the location (e.g., the seller’s home, the title company’s office) to facilitate the signing.
  • Loan signings: If you’re taking out a loan and need to sign documents, a mobile notary can come to your office or home for your convenience.
  • People with limited mobility: For individuals who have difficulty traveling due to illness, injury, or disability, a mobile notary can ensure they can still access notary services.
  • Last-minute needs: If important documents unexpectedly require notarization, a mobile notary can help expedite the process.

Request a Mobile Notary

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Types of Documents
  • Real Estate: Loan Documents, Deeds, Titles, Transfers of Ownership, Bill of Sale (for mobile homes)
  • Personal: Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Vital Records Requests (e.g., birth certificates, marriage licenses)
  • Business: Contracts, Agreements, Consent to Travel (for minors), I-9 Verification

Real Estate Signings: $150 – $200 (may vary slightly by state).

Personal & Business Signings:

    • Base Fee: $75.00 (includes one document)
    • Plus state-allowed fee per witnessed signature (typically $5-$15 per signature)


  • Printing: 25₵ per page
  • Shipping: varies
  • Witness(es): $50 each
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