How to Choose an An Escrow Company

How to Choose an An Escrow Company

What makes a good Escrow Company?

You should be able to really trust your escrow company because they’re going to be handling lots of important documents and funds during your real estate transaction. It needs to have detail-oriented staff who will always treat you as a high priority.

Choose an escrow officer that is team oriented and offers transparency and clear communication.

Question to ask before choosing your escrow company: Who is the notary who will handle the most important part of your transaction? If it’s not a TOAD 8 notary it will most likely be a notary chosen by a service who was picked because they accepted the lowest fee, leaving more profit for that service.

Choose an escrow company that will respect your request for a TOAD 8 notary and know you will get a notary who cares.

We have partnered with like minded escrow officers, lenders and real estate agents to provide you a seamless transaction from beginning to end. Contact us for details.

Partner with us

TOAD 8 Notaries are a co-op of independent, experienced Notary Signing Agents who care about the whole transaction process. We can be trusted to leave that lasting impression to ensure repeat and referral business. You can close with confidence knowing a Trustworthy, Observant, Amiable & Dependable notary is on your team.
We offer a streamlined services with 360° of communication and 24/7 support:

  • We’ve cloned your favorite notary
  • Fast & easy scheduling, let us do all the work
  • In-Office, Mobile, and RON/RIN
  • Worry free communication
  • Closing document explained in easy to understand terms
  • Auto invoicing
  • Follow-up client feedback emails
  • Translator/Interpreter services*
  • Prompt local documentation return
  • Courier services, for when you really need it*
  • State approved Remote Online Notarization Platforms


We are available 7 days a week. We provide mobile, in-office (Tacoma, WA), and remote services.

Mobile Service Area: Currently in CA, FL, NV, WA

We use the following remote platforms:

  • Signix
  • NotaryCam
  • LiveNotary
  • OneNotary
  • DocVerify

Our services are by appointment online. Don’t have an appointment? CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT


  • Additional fee may apply for non TOAD team notaries or for services outside of closing documents.
  • TOAD 8 adds $25 for local orders and $50 for out-of-state orders (we don’t just assign, we hold their hand until completion).
  • Nonteam notaries working in rural areas may charge extra fees for drive time. States with a higher cost of living will have higher notary fees.