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This page provides links to resources for frequently asked questions that a notary public cannot answer. These questions are outside the scope of a notary’s duties and responsibilities, and a notary should not attempt to answer them.

  • Legal questions
    • What is the law in my state regarding this document?
    • Do I need a lawyer to sign this document?
  • Financial questions
    • How much will this cost?
    • What are the tax implications of this document?
  • Personal questions
    • What should I do if I am being sued?
    • How do I start a business?

Resources that may be helpful for obtaining information about the questions listed above

We work with the following attorney offices

Many states have websites that provide information about the law, including information about notarization.

The National Notary Association is a professional organization that provides resources for notaries, including information about the law and notarization.